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Cooling system parts

We supply quality cooling system parts, including radiators, air conditioning condensers, fan assemblies, intercoolers, oil coolers and expansion tanks to the public and trade customers.

Radiator replacements and repairs

Re-cores and repairs of brass copper radiators

We specialise in all cooling system repairs and can help you with:


  • a pressure test of your radiator free of charge
  • a radiator replacement or radiator repair
  • regular maintenance


including a flush of your heater and engine and replace coolant

We also specialise in radiator repairs on the older brass copper radiators.


We can repair your radiator with solder and repair any cracks on your tanks.


If your brass copper radiator is blocked the only correct way to clean it is to remove the tank and rod the tubes. Bring your radiator to us for a free radiator repair assessment.


If your radiator core is too brittle we will recommend a copper re-core. This is where we put a new Australian-made copper core onto your tanks after they have been sand blasted. We basically build a new radiator with your tanks.

Complete custom

We can also convert all aluminum radiators into complete custom built brass copper radiators. We build custom tanks and attach it to a copper core.


We have been manufacturers of quality brass copper radiators for over 30 years and are experts. If your vintage radiator needs a re-core, we will be able to provide you with the best options at the best value for money. We use Australian made copper cores which we hand solder to your tanks with plenty of solder to ensure a quality finished product.


We have also helped countless customers convert their unrepairable plastic tanks aluminum core radiator into a custom brass copper radiator that can be cleaned out in the future and repaired.


These include:

  • forklift radiators
  • truck radiators
  • industrial radiators
  • earth moving equipment radiators
  • vintage radiators and classic car radiators,

like Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Bentley.


Relining petrol tanks

Handling petrol tanks is a dangerous job and requires a specialist.


The tank needs to be correctly emptied of any petrol and then de-fumed. The tank then needs to be completely cleaned with a special agent and dried correctly. Then the relining seal is applied internally.


We can handle fuel tank relining for all sizes of fuel tanks including:


  • semi-trucks
  • tractors
  • generators
  • farm equipment
  • motorcycles
  • passenger cars.


Proudly Australian owned and operated since 1987.

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