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How to know when you need a radiator replacement or radiator repair


If you experience any of the following you will need to have your radiator assessed:



  • leaking coolant

– you must address this immediately


  • engine overheating

– you must address this immediately


  • strong unusual coolant odour


  • coolant levels low


  • external physical radiator damage


Need a radiator replacement?


We specialise in all cooling system repairs
and can help you with:




a pressure test

of your radiator free of charge


a radiator replacement or
radiator repair


regular maintenance

including a flush of your heater and engine and replace coolant

Radiator repair aluminum radiators


One of our most common asked questions is “Can you repair my radiator?”. If you have a black plastic tank and aluminum core radiator the answer will vary:


  • If you have external damage to your aluminum core, we may be able to aluminum weld the radiator repair depending on the location of the damage. We can also TIG weld where required.



  • If the plastic radiator tank is cracked – no, but we will have a value for money brand new radiator replacement for you



  • If the aluminum radiator core is leaking due to internal corrosion – no, but we will have a value for money brand new radiator replacement for you.


We don’t recommend using any putty type or stop leak product. It will only be harder to flush out in the end and will not put off the inevitable of a radiator replacement.

Book your free radiator replacement Sydney assessment today. We are the best radiator replacement Sydney location and we can:



pressure test your radiator while it is in the car at no charge


advise of any radiator leaks


provide the option of a radiator repair or radiator replacement


assess the quality of your coolant


get your cars’ cooling system back on track and road worthy

The best place for your radiator  replacement in Sydney. We:




provide quality parts with real value for money


use Australian Nulon coolant to help protect your new radiator.


All our manufacturers have extremely high quality control


our radiator replacements come with a 5 year conditional warranty.

DIY Radiator Replacement

Want to save some money and replace your radiator yourself? No problem.


When you buy a new radiator replacement from us you are not just buying a part, you are buying our knowledge and expertise. Our sales team will spend time with you and provide valuable information and knowledge to ensure that you follow the correct procedure when installing your new radiator. This knowledge will help guarantee the longevity of your new radiator.



Cheap radiators


The after-market car parts industry is flooded with cheap radiators and other inferior products that don’t last and can damage your car. Remember quality is remembered long after the price. Paying a bit more than the price of a cheap radiator with us will ensure you have a quality product that will last for years to come.



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