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Replacing your radiator

We are experts in radiators so it makes sense for us to install your radiator for you. We ensure that the proper process is followed to ensure the longevity of your radiator. We will flush your engine and heater clean, and install your radiator with quality coolant.


The time installation takes differs for each model car. Please call us for a quote.

Common reasons why your radiator fails

Do you know why your radiator failed?


If your water pump, thermostat or radiator cap are not working properly they could have caused your radiator to fail. Check these components, if any are faulty they will damage your replacement radiator.


Contamination and corrosion caused by:

  • a poorly maintained cooling system
  • inadequate flushing
  • low levels of coolant for long periods
  • poorly maintained coolant
  • mixing of different coolants


How to avoid radiator failure due to contamination or corrosion

  • service your cooling system regularly
  • use quality recommended coolant
  • follow correct flushing techniques during the coolant change
  • top up with only distilled water

DIY radiator maintenance

Look after your radiator:


  • make sure your coolant level is always full
  • check your cooling system components regularly by looking for any radiator leaks, radiator corrosions in the radiator core or any cracked hoses or old clamps
  • eye your engine temperature. High engine temperatures can be a sign that you have a problem with your radiator


Expert radiator service


Bring your car in for a free cooling system assessment. We can:


  • check to see if your thermostat is working correctly
  • pressure test your radiator
  • ensure your engine fan is working correctly
  • flush your cooling system correctly, including the heater and refill with Australian Nulon coolant


A well-maintained radiator will ensure


  • the radiator tubes will remain clear
  • no residue, corrosion or rusty contamination will be left on the header plates (internal radiator core) or on the tanks.

Helpful tips when replacing your radiator

  • FLUSH the engine cooling system EXTREMELY clean (especially the heater)
  • Use a reputable coolant (eg Nulon). Follow dosage instructions.
  • Ask your electrician/mechanic to check for stray current with an analog multi-meter. A reading of 0.05 Volts or higher will damage your new radiator.
  • In the future only top up with DISTILLED water – do not add more coolant.


We give a 5 year manufacturers' warranty*.

* Conditions apply. Click right to download our information leaflet for more information


Need a radiator repair on a vintage car?


We also specialise in radiator repairs on the older brass copper radiators.


We can repair your radiator with solder and repair any cracks on your tanks.


If your brass copper radiator is blocked the only correct way to clean it is to remove the tank and rod the tubes. Bring your radiator to us for a free radiator repair assessment.


If your radiator core is too brittle we will recommend a copper re-core. This is where we put a new Australian-made radiator copper core onto your tanks after they have been sand blasted. We basically build a new radiator with your tanks.


Converting to full aluminum radiator replacements


We often get asked about full aluminum radiator replacements for cars with either plastic tank aluminum core radiators or brass copper radiators. Here are some points to think about:


  • Quality full aluminum radiators are expensive. We recommend you stay away from the cheap radiators that are made poorly with little and low grade materials. These cheap radiators will end up costing you more in the long run.








  • If you have a brass copper radiator and change to a full aluminum radiator, your cooling system needs to be immaculate. Copper radiators are much more robust and not as susceptible to dirty water and contaminants.


  • Understand stray current or electrolysis. Copper radiators will withstand stray current much more than aluminum radiators. We have seen genuine aluminum radiators leak just after a few weeks due to stray current damage.


Remember even if you do buy a full aluminum radiator replacement. Don’t throw away your old brass copper radiator. Hang on to it. Chances are you’ll go back to it.

Re-cores and custom built radiators


We have been manufacturers of quality brass copper radiators for over 30 years and are experts. If your vintage radiator needs a re-core, we will be able to provide you with the best options at the best value for money. We use Australian made copper cores which we hand solder to your tanks with plenty of solder to ensure a quality finished product.


We have also helped countless customers convert their unrepairable plastic tanks aluminum core radiator into a custom brass copper radiator that can be cleaned out in the future and repaired.


These include:

- forklift radiators

- truck radiators

- industrial radiators

- earth moving equipment radiators

- vintage radiators and classic car radiators

like Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Bentley.


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