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We supply radiators, air condensers and fan assemblies for:

We are experts in car cooling systems.


Having been established for over 30 years, we have the expertise to help you with your cooling needs.

- Audi


- Daewoo

- Daihatsu

- Ford

- Holden


- Hyundai

- Mazda

- Mercedes

- Mitsubishi

- Nissan

- Saab

- Honda

- Jeep

- Kia

- Subaru

- Suzuki

- Toyota

- Volkswagon

We also recore radiators, replace tanks and fix leaks.


If your radiator or condenser is in a reasonable condition we have an excellent repair service.


We supply quality


We rely a great deal on word of mouth and our established reputation. That’s why we only use accredited suppliers who have solid products and high quality control standards. Our suppliers include:

Proudly Australian owned and operated since 1987.

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